July Joys

July is jogging along jauntily. We are having short, sharp showers of life giving water. Too life giving when it comes to weeds! However , I am truly happy to say that my gardening season has been a great success so far. Hard work none the less!! Rewarding  and providing happiness and a sense of achievement. Not to say a very full tummy too! The family have been told to increase their lettuce intake!

Apart from vegetable growing on the allotment I have been tidying up and upgrading my front garden at home. All my neighbours may well have been saying “does she really have an allotment?” I think now they are in no doubt!  I had allowed achilla mollis to grow in wild abandon  all over the space. It began to look like a July jungle! I now strategically removed certain plants to create the overall effect I was trying to achieve. I turned over the soil and planted impatiens in different colours and pansies, the stunning yellow and black type. Deep red and rich deep pink roses add height and blend in perfect harmony with the lime green flowers of  achilla mollis. The overall effect has been stunning. Family and by passers all admire the perfect mix of brown soil and spectacular plants. Jolly satisfying for the July gardener!

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Gardening gossip launch!

I stepped into my garden today for the first time this year. This was to clear out some rubbish left by workmen but that five minute job let me reconnect with my garden after the long, cold winter months. I loved the damp earthy smell that wafted into my nostrils. It just filled me with hope and an exciting feeling of anticipation of all the growing months ahead of me.

The snowdrops looked so pure and clean against the brown, damp soil. Their heads gently swaying in the cool breeze. This brave plant symbolises all that is new life and spring about to appear.

I gathered up some dead leaves and plant debris just to fill up my rubbish bag. I unfortunately cannot compost this  as it is full of ash keys or seeds from a nearby ash tree. I find the keys grow in the compost and create havoc with it. The plant material looked limp, dried up, shrivelled and tired. Hard to believe it was once green, growing well and full of vitality. Wonderful to think that soon green shoots will again reappear and the whole process starts off for another year. Well the gentle chilly breeze helped to convince me that for today my gardening or really rubbish tidy up was over. However the earthy reunion began again for me today.

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